chandler_mast_a In 2013, we followed the Lord’s leading to use our gifts in computing and teaching more directly for Christ’s kingdom. Following a 20-year career in software engineering, David started a tech ministry in Peru to reach the Spanish-speaking world online. Providentially, the Lord led us to Daniel Elias, a young seminarian involved in student ministry with skills in Web development. We now employ Daniel full-time as the translator and publisher of, a Web site devoted to publishing gospel-centered resources in Spanish.


In 2015, we moved to Colorado where David is again working as a software developer while continuing to support TeoGracia, which is now an official project of Entrusted Word Ministries sponsored by Southside Bible Church of Denver.

During our 15 months in Arequipa, we enjoyed many opportunities for personal ministry besides the work of getting TeoGracia launched. Once a week, Vicki and I taught Arequipa English, a two-hour English conversation class using Bible study led by the Jeyachandrans. We estimated that about half the students came specifically because of their interest in the Word, not just English conversation practice. This was a great opportunity to build friendships and teach the Word. Vicki used her gifts in teaching elementary students to help with English conversation practice at our kids’ school. I offered free programming classes and planned to employ a few students as interns in the tech ministry (indeed, Daniel Elias was one of those students). As we became more fluent in Spanish, we were able to participate more in the children’s ministry and church planting work of the Peat family from the UK. In addition, for our last several months in Arequipa, we had the opportunity to read the Bible weekly with our landlords.

Even though we didn’t stay as long as we had hoped originally, we are very thankful for our time in Peru. We trust that the Bible studies and ongoing ministry of TeoGracia will have been well worth the effort with eternity in view and we are deeply grateful for the prayer and financial support of those who made it possible.

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The Bhadreshwar family



David, Naomi, Jessica, Jack, Kate. David and Naomi are from the United Kingdom (David is very much a “northerner”, and Naomi a “southerner”). The children were all born in Peru.

David arrived in Peru in January 2004, Naomi joined him not long after.

Since then, they have been serving in and through the same local church in the capital, Lima.

You can get a flavor of life here in this 4 minute video, and something of our passion to missions happen for and through the local church in this 6 minute video.

Passion for and from the local church

David serves as elder under a national pastor. His ministry includes weekly preaching, discipleship and teaching, ministry to marriages, and regular mission within Peru.

Naomi homeschools our three children and is part of the women’s ministry team.

Together we support a couple of national missionaries, sent from our church here in Lima, now serving in the southern border city of Tacna.

Wider ministry

Pioneer mission

From 2013 until the end of 2016, the family served as missionaries sent by the Lima church to help a small church on the outskirts of the highland city of Arequipa (where David got connected with David Chandler). We built a little house, and learned many lessons about our weaknesses and God’s abundant grace.

Wider discipleship

Since 2011 David has been organizing and speaking at conferences aimed at proclaiming Christ and helping people see Him better in their Bibles. This has resulted in a ministry beyond Lima, supporting believers and church leaders alike all over Peru.

Resource creation

Over recent years, David has written and produced several devotional books, unique online teaching and evangelistic resources, facilitated the translation and distribution of books, videos, and articles.

In September 2019, we launched an initiative employing a young man, Gerson (pronounced “j-air-son”). He recently graduated joint top student at the AMG Seminary in the DR (an article here in the Spanish version of the Gospel Coalition). He’s working alongside David to create Christ-centered resources to build up the local church through a new ministry, “Se trata de Cristo” (which translates as, “It’s all about Christ”), under the supervision of the local church.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in current projects.

“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.”

2 Corinthians 4.5 ESV

One thought on “Perú

  1. Down to the day before you left the hindrances were almost maddening; to communicate love, commitment to praying for you all over the long haul; remember the Great King you serve is everywhere present despite appearances, seeking His Kingdom first and His sovereign rule over our decisions day to day, the standing you have in Christ alone… Put your minds on the most excellent/ highest truths including knowing you have many here who are love you.
    Saw your daughter in youth group last night. She is smiling and seems herself, but I wonder what is going on inside; I imagine a jumble of alot…. Therefore praying for her to desire the LORD more and more; lean upon Him.
    Robert preached/taught about Calvin… Excellent, edifying. Love to you all,
    S Greco

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